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Hi, I'm Amy,
consultant, designer, strategic partner, and founder of Serviceberry Consulting

I started Serviceberry because I love helping independents, businesses, and non-profits see through the day-to-day chaos to elevate their impact. What it takes to do that varies, so what I do...also varies. Sometimes it's research with customers and employees to design an amazing experience, or facilitating strategic planning  sessions with an executive team, other times it's getting tactical to turn a vision into an actionable roadmap. Clients engage with me to work with a strategic partner that can help translate the great ideas in their head into a plan and actions that make them and their teams successful.

People call me when...

The situations vary, the real reason clients call is that they need
a strategic partner they can count on for big picture thinking and getting things done.

"The new [blank] isn't gaining traction..."

Could be a campaign, new tech innovation, product, or organizational process... The key to creating solutions users can't help but adopt is uncovering underlying needs. Human-Centered Design structures your approach to solve these challenges.

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"We have an what..."

Before you lunge for the first idea, step back. A little research and strategic planning can save time and money and ensure that solutions meet true needs and drive real results.

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"The big meeting is soon and so far we have agenda bullets..."

Bringing together teams is an investment, make sure that time is used effectively and the actions that follow drive outcomes and value for your organization.

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"This presentation just falls flat..."

Presentations are a part of corporate life, but they can also be big career and business opportunities. Demonstrate your ability to effectively communicate with the right message, visuals, and delivery to build confidence and create an amazing experience for your audience.

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"I know there's a better way, I just don't have time..."

Even small investments in quantitative and qualitative research can provide insights into customer perceptions, employee sentiments, or market changes that are often the key to unlocking innovative changes for your teams and your bottom line. 

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"I just need an outside perspective on all this..."

There is a lot of pressure on leaders to have it all figured out.  A strategic partner can be the sounding board that makes the difference between action and continued ambiguity. 


What people are saying...

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Creative & Positive Energy

"Amy is a critical partner, thinker, and challenger. I have modeled much of how I try to show up after the example that Amy sets. I can not say enough about how highly I regard her creativity and leadership."

Matt K.

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Prepared & Ready

"Great facilitation today! Amy knew her stuff and did an amazing job with a wide range of topics and kept the team on track. Wow. Thanks so much for an amazing session!"

Joe K.

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Organized & Helpful

So great to work with! Amy is very organized, timely, and responsive. She gives meaningful, helpful feedback and has a killer communication style and confidence in front of a room."

Karen S.

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